One Big Sustainable Island

One Big Sustainable Island

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there insects on the island?

Yes, it's natural to have insects in Maine. It's why we also have birds. On the island we sometimes have mosquitos, moths, fireflies, dragon flies, and spiders – nothing poisonous, nothing overwhelming, but enough of a reminder that without these bottom-of-the-food-chain critters, life would be hard for us top-of-the-food-chain critters. PS: On the mainland wood ticks are common – wear insect repellant.

What kind of animals live on the island?

Eagles, osprey, and loons are just a few of the birds we see every day. We have squirrels, voles, turtles and one type of non-poisonous snake.


What kind of plant life is on the island?

Like most of the Maine woods, we have Pine, Oak, Maple, Hemlock, and Birch trees. There are blueberry bushes, teaberry plants, fern, blue bead lily… to name a few.